How To Bring Your Little One To a Wedding

It’s the season for wedding bells! Do the invites seem endless? Are you worried how or IF you can attend now that you have your little one? We’ve answered your questions below.

Check the invite

First things first, make sure your little one is invited. If your baby’s name isn’t on the invite, they might not have forgotten, they actually may not be invited at all! Some brides & grooms choose to have a ‘no children rule’. So it’s best to check with the happy couple first, rather than assume.

They’re invited!

If your baby is included in the invitation, now you have the decision to make- do you want to bring them? To help you decide consider the below:

  • How formal is the wedding? Black tie attire on babies may be adorable, but not at all practical or comfortable.
  • What time of day is the ceremony and does it suit your baby’s schedule/routine?
  • Will you enjoy the wedding if your baby is present? (It’s OK if you’d prefer a night off!)
  • Will you enjoy the wedding if you leave your little one at home? If you haven’t left them for more than a few hours yet.
  • How far away is the wedding? Will it be an overnight stay?

If you do decide to take your baby to the wedding, here are a few tips to help make the occasion memorable and enjoyable.

Pack your changing bag with all essentials.

Depending on the age of your baby, you’ll need everything from muslin cloths to colouring books.

  • All the usuals (nappies, spare EVERYTHING such as vests, Babygros etc.)
  • Buggy so they are not in your arms for the entire day
  • Feeding essentials
  • Suitable toys

If you are breastfeeding:
The good news is that you won’t have to pack anything extra. We recommend feeding your little one ever so slightly ahead of their usual schedule as you don’t want them to get too hungry and get fussy.

If you are bottlefeeding:
If your little one is 6months+ and is formula fed or you have moved on from breastfeeding, consider bringing some Cow & Gate Follow On Milk Ready to use milk with you- ready to feeds can be the safest and most convenient option when out and about for a full day. The milk in the 200ml bottles is sterile and you don’t have to store them in the fridge before they are opened. You can simply pour the liquid straight into your little one’s sterilised bottle and feed them. You won’t need to worry about trying to find a kettle to try and make one up. Find out more about Cow & Gate Follow On Milk Ready to Use Milks here.

If you decide to use powdered formula, you can pre make bottles as per guidelines on pack, cool these down quickly under a cold running tap, store them in the back of the fridge (for up to 24 hours) and then transfer what you need to a cooler bag. If you can’t avail of another fridge at the reception, you must use the bottles within 2 hours of removing from the fridge and discard if it’s been longer than that. If you can’t avail of a fridge to store the pre-made bottles, it’s best to make up feeds as necessary according to the pack instructions. For further information on preparing formula while out & about check out this booklet from Safefood.

For your weaning baby:
Pack some suitable on the go snacks. One really handy puree for making on the go is a Banana and Avocado mash – you can simply have your banana and ripe avocado in your changing bag and mash it up- no cooking involved. Might also be worth noting that you may need a high chair on the RSVP (so the reception will be prepared).



Snacks & Toys
Pack lots of snacks- click here for some ideas. For toys, remember to choose wisely and only bring toys they like and you know that will be used so they don’t waste space. Keep one or two new ones that they haven’t seen before especially for the reception for extra-long distraction.


  • Spare Clothes
    Alongside your cosmetics needed for a touch up- bring an outfit change/spare clothes. Babies are prone to spitting up or pooping especially at the most inconvenient time, so make sure you bring something else -in case of accidents.
  • Flats
    Try wearing your most comfortable heels (if you have to wear heels at all), and remember to pack the flats. All day in wedding heels can be tough when it’s just you, never mind when you’ve a baby and all their baggage.

Sit down the back

During the ceremony, ask the usher to seat you on the end of an aisle down the back so that you can slip out easily if needed so you’re not disturbing others.

Accept Help

Chances are people will be doting over your little one, so if they offer to hold your baby while you eat or chase after your toddler- let them!
Bring somebody
Bring along someone to share in the baby duties. If your partner can’t go or if you’re flying solo bring along another family member or friend to help. Even going to the toilet in peace will be a relief.

Have an escape

If the wedding is at a hotel try to book a room. If you are not planning on staying the night, you will need to find somewhere to feed your little one in peace, get some quiet time and even catch some zzz’s. Maybe check with some other friends to see if you could borrow their room during the day.




Important notice
Cow & Gate follow-on milk is only for babies over 6 months as part of a mixed diet. It should not be used as a breastmilk substitute before 6 months, so if you wish to use this product before 6 months we advise that you consult your healthcare professional. Cow & Gate follow-on milk should be used on the advice of a doctor, midwife, health visitor, public health nurse, dietitian, pharmacist or other professional responsible for maternal and child care, based on baby’s individual needs.