Choosing a baby name

When it came to choosing a name, we were lucky in the sense that we knew we were expecting a little girl (I hate surprises) so we were able to narrow it down somewhat at least! If you a have to choose a name for each sex, I genuinely feel for you, I really do. So there we were, coming out of the scan, happy as pigs in muck and straight away the naming started.

“What about Sophia?” said my other half.  “No, sure your sister is Sophie” I replied.

“Ok, well what about an Irish name? he suggested. “Hmmm, maybe,  but if she goes to a Gaelscoil, she’s going to be using her name in Irish anyway so would it not be more fun for her to have two names?” I proclaimed. “Yeah, I suppose, you’re right” he admitted.

“Dylan?” “I love Bob Dylan and you love Dylan Thomas so it’s perfect” he suggested happily. “Aw but it was always going to be my boys name!” I said. “Yeah but you can use it for girl’s too, sure what’s his name’s daughter is called that, that actor who looks like a surfer and has the fluffy hair and big nose” he replied. “Sean Penn?” I suggested. “Yeah him!” he chirped cheerfully. “You’ve to remember that he’s a celebrity though, we uncool Irish can’t get away with that” I answered, sounding almost defeated .

“Ok, I have it, Amelia” I said “Oh yeah I love that. EmilIa or Amelia though? Amelia Earheart went missing you know, might be a bad omen?” he asked “No it’s not, don’t be silly! I like it better with the A anyway, let’s put it on the list”

So Amelia was on the list and Daddy’s family name is Fay so what else goes with Fay? Lots apparently which made it even harder to decide. We are massive Beatles fans, we’ve been to the Cavern in Liverpool at least 4 times so Penny was definitely in the mix (Penny Lane), I also loved Penny in the film Almost Famous, so it was a sure contender. So one day we were watching the Great Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio-swoon). I remember I had read the book it in school as part of my Leaving Certificate and who comes on the screen only the beautiful fair haired Daisy Buchanan. I have always loved that name, Daisy, I thought to myself…and then, like a bolt of lightning,  I remembered! Bingo. Her maiden name in the book was wait for it…Fay! I literally screamed it to him when I realised, I think he thought I was going into early labour, his face went white! Thankfully, when I explained why I was so excited, he was just as delighted, as he loved it too. In any adaptions of the book, she was blonde and bright eyed, exactly what we always imagined our baba to look like so it just felt right, meant to be.

Wait for it though it gets better…

When we were in the labour ward (I won’t go into the gory details), there was a big painting of a field of Daisy’s on the wall. The name of the painting was “Nóinín” which translates as Daisy in Irish. When we pointed it out, our Midwife told us that a man had gifted it to the Hospital after his wife had a baby there as a way of saying thanks for the kind treatment they had received.

So as I lay there pushing, I stared at the painting, reminding myself that I was just about to meet my very own little Daisy. Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.

(Spoiler alert: She is blonde and blue eyed like we predicted-PHEW)