Coping with maternity leave boredom

It’s hard to imagine getting bored on maternity leave, especially if it’s after your first baby! When you first brought your little one home, the first two weeks probably felt like a blur – each moment was spent getting to know them and meeting their needs. But when you’ve got the parenting thing all figured out and the visitors become less frequent, you may find yourself wondering what you would do with the pockets of free time naps provided. If you’re on maternity leave, it means you taking a break from a routine that includes working and keeping busy, and it may result in you feeling bored and unproductive.

Here are ten things to do to keep busy when on maternity leave;

  1. Get some rest.
    Seriously. You deserve it. Taking are of a newborn can be exhausting, with feeds around the clock as well as through the night. Take advantage of the fact that you’re home during your baby’s nap time and rest up. There won’t be much time for it when you go back to work.
  2. Build a routine for your baby.
    Getting your baby on a schedule makes it easy to anticipate his or her needs. It will also help his or her caregiver know their routine once you go back to work.
  3. Batch cook & freeze.
    This will be a huge help on those crazy busy work days when you don’t have time to cook for at all. It’s also an opportunity to experiment with some new recipes and foods.
  4. Join a mammy and me group.
    Join a group where you can connect with other mums to discuss everything baby related. Who knows, you may even make some new friends!
  5. Take a daily walk.
    As a new mam, you may (or may not) be concerned about finding time to exercise. A walk and some fresh air will be good for both you and your little one.  Getting out of the house daily is important to avoid cabin fever.
  6. Take up a hobby.
    Think arts and crafts, sewing or even knitting. It’s amazing how productive you feel when you work with your hands and complete projects. It’s a great stress-reliever. And think of all those cute knitting patterns for your little one?
  7. Organise.
    You’ll thank yourself for this when you go back to work and everything is easy to find. Throw out old meds from your medicine cabinet. Alphabetize your books. Prepare plastic bins to fill up with clothes that begin to get snug on your baby.
  8. Keep a diary of your little one’s firsts.
    It’s a lovely keepsake – one that your little angel can flip through when they’re older.
  9. Print some pics and frame them or even make a collage.
    It’s so easy to forget to take pictures when you’re focusing on changing nappies, feeds and naps, but make an effort to document special moments with your new little one. Don’t forget to get out from behind the camera and develop too. In the new age of smartphones & social media we forget to physically print them!
  10. Catch up with friends.
    Take the time to spend time with your friends. It helps to take your baby out right after a feed so they are comfortable and you can focus on some good conversation. Plus they always love baby cuddles so you’ll have a little bit of freedom.

Not only could these activities help you combat some boredom during your maternity leave, they may even help you learn something new or build good habits for the future. And eventually, head back to work.