Family Dinners

Once you start weaning, it won’t be long until your little one can eat most of the foods you eat. Good news for you! After all, no parent wants to spend hours in the kitchen.

Here are some top tips to make your family’s dinners baby friendly:

  • Salt – it is important not to add salt to dishes. Alternatively, you can remove your baby’s portion before adding salt. If a recipe calls for stock, use reduced-salt stock cubes or make your own homemade stock. This will benefit all the family, not just baby!
  • Spices – if you are adding spices to your dish, it is a good idea to remove your baby’s portion prior to doing so.
  • Texture – depending on the stage of weaning your baby is at, you may need to set aside a portion of the dish to blend or mash to a suitable consistency.
  • Milk – You can use some of baby’s usual milk to help bring your baby’s portion to a suitable consistency for baby.
  • Unsuitable food – Bear in mind that some foods are not suitable for baby (Foods to avoid and include when weaning your baby). So if you want to cook a dish for all the family, you’ll need to choose recipes that don’t contain these ingredients or else you can make substitutes!
  • You should also remove a portion for baby if you are adding butter or gravy to a dish. Otherwise, you could use unsalted butter or homemade gravy.

Try some of these family favourites as your baby grows, to share around the table together.