Finding out that you’re pregnant with twins

Sorry what???? OMG! OMG! OMG!

Ok breathe, deep breath…………… there are two!!!

I need fresh air now!

This is pretty much how it went down, let me back up a little and give you some background, due to some dodgy genetics and even dodgier ovaries, I often had routine scans to make sure all was good. I didn’t even know I was pregnant, I was waiting for the ‘all clear’ words, instead I got……….. You’re having twins.  It was like an explosion going off in my head; I didn’t even know I could think that fast.

For a few weeks after, I lived somewhere between excitement and full freak out. It really is the rollercoaster of a lifetime:


I CANT do this…. How do I mind two (I can barely mind myself) My belly can’t stretch that big. I can’t give birth twice. Twice the crying, feeding, dirty nappies…… I will be outnumbered.


I’m going to explode. I can’t afford this. I can’t do this. Will I ever sleep again………..


There really is two! Whoo hooo two cuddly little babies, two gorgeous sets of eyes to stare into (the unicorn bubble didn’t include the 4am staring into eyes)


They made a mistake, nah they didn’t see two. I’ll just wait until the next scan.

Then when week 20 rolls around, and literally roll, as when all your friends have this cute little 20 week bump, your already waddling and looking like you are about to pop.  You see the two of them all cuddled up on the scan, and you know that’s it, the excitement wins, there are TWO of them!!!!

The funny part about twins is the world seems to forget basic biology, or that as a general member of the public they have a right to ask you about your sex life! No one prepared me for that:

‘Twins, omg how did that happen’  well so when a man and a woman…..(really you need me to continue??)

Are they natural? ………… and they seem insulted when I ask in return how their precious baby was conceived.

OMG your huge (yip people feel its ok to say it when they are two, like it’s a compliment or something)

Two at once, now you never have to do it again.   – I must have missed the memo that says two children is enough.

Do twins run in your family?  I’m never quite sure what answer people are looking for with this one. Identical twins are random, fraternal twins need two eggs to be fertilized so not sure how my husband’s family could have anything to do with that. Refer back to the hyper dodgy ovaries.

You soon learn very fast when pregnant with twins, that humour is your only method of survival (for the next 18 years!!)  But let me add, it’s worth every single second of it, you will have two adorable babies (ok so they might not sleep at the same time) but you will get double the smiles, double the giggles, you get to listen as they babble together in their cots every morning. They will be friends for life (except on Mondays, they will try murder each other!!) but if they are anything like mine they will be like an old married couple, killing each other one minute and trying to give big sloppy kisses to each other less than 5 minutes later.

At least there is a high chance that you will never hear the words again…… Congrats there are two!! You don’t want to know my reaction then, multiple the ‘Holy S%*T from the first set of twins and you get the idea of how it went down when I found out I had to do it all over again.