Flashback: Baby firsts

Before I had a baby, I thought that my girl’s first steps were going to be the biggest milestone in her little life. Don’t get me wrong, they most certainly are huge but what I didn’t realise until I became a Mama was that they actually have little steps in the lead up to their big “walk” so these little steps are just as exciting.

There are so many other wondrous firsts that it’s hard to deem one more important than the other as they all feel so special.

If like me, you work, you may be  constantly afraid of missing big moments, I know I felt  that way. I shouldn’t have been worried though as I was lucky – Daisy waited for me for some things! Call it cheesy but I felt like she held off until I got home.

Her first word, “Dada” of course (not fair) was said after one of her weaning dinners, I remember because it was so special but also because I managed to get her to eat half of it but in typical fussy eating fashion, she had decided that she liked it better on my tights and I remember jumping up and down and himself backing away slowly when I tried to hug him, my opaques a new shade of spinach!

Her first tooth, myself and her Dad were hanging up our coats after work and he threw her on the bed joking, she started giggling and we both started tickling her and with her mouth open wide and head back, we spotted a teeny tiny needle tooth. I remember we were both so happy to not only have found it together but to have found it first before my Mother (her childminder) or anyone else.

With her first steps, it was the same, for a few weeks, she slung upright holding onto things so she walked but aided.  Every evening we would take her to the kitchen, one of us would sit on the chair and the other behind her and we would encourage her to try to walk  without any help. We would sit literally beside one another at the start and she would basically jump to us/fall into our arms. It was a big game to her! They weren’t exactly steps and she would giggle every time she did it and then eventually her confidence built up and she began with one step, two steps, another night there were three steps, four and eventually we got to seven steps and we were both in awe- wow what a big girl she was.!It’s something we were proud to be there for and to have encouraged and helped her get to that point.

That’s what parenting is all about- it’s new for everyone, us and the baby and when you all accomplish something together, it is nothing short of magic!