Foods to avoid and include when weaning your baby

There are a lot of myths and old wives tales out there when it comes to what foods you can feed your baby. Here is a list of good foods to include when weaning:

• Meat and well cooked eggs – these are foods rich in iron to help you baby's brain development. Just ensure that you puree or mash the foods to the correct consistency for your baby.
• Pulses – Pureed pulses such as lentils, beans and peas are a source of protein and can be included in your little one's weaning diet.
• Fish – Fish such as trout, herring and salmon contain omega 3, healthy fats which supports normal brain development. Just make sure that all bones are removed and puree to the right texture for your baby.


Despite how grown up your little one is getting, they are still not little adults and do still have to avoid certain foods. Here is a list of foods to avoid when weaning:

• Salt – foods with added salt or salty foods such as gravy or stock cubes should be avoided.
• Undercooked eggs – only hard-boiled or very well-cooked scrambled eggs should be given before 12 months (but not before 6 months).
• Honey – should never be given under 12 months as it can make your baby ill.
• High fat and sugar foods – should be limited as much as possible – these are foods like chocolate, biscuits, crisps or sweets.
• Unpasteurised and soft cheese – such as brie or goat's cheese should be left out of the weaning diet as it might make your little one ill.
• Tea, coffee and fizzy drinks – should not be included in baby's diet.
• Cow's milk – should not be offered as a main drink before 12 months but small amounts can be added into meals from 6 months.
• Whole and chopped nuts – should be avoided under 5 years of age as there is a risk of choking.
• Processed meats – are high in salt and can contain additives that are unsuitable for babies. Meats such as ham, bacon, rashers and sausages should be avoided.
• Bran – should be avoided in baby's diet. Although it is a good source of fibre which is important, very large amounts can reduce absorption of iron and calcium.

For more information on weaning, take a look at our weaning guide or call our free phone careline at 1800 570 570.