How to get your little one’s first passport

Planning your first family holiday? Well then you must get your little one their first passport!

It’s no longer acceptable for children to be included on their parent’s passport, as it is safer and more secure for them to have their own. Since October 2004 all children, regardless of age, must obtain an individual Irish passport in their own name.

What type of passport?

3-year passports are available for children under 3

What application form?

Form APS 1 if living in Ireland.

How much does it cost?

3-year passport (children aged under 3): €16

For more info and the other documents you will need, click here.


Tips for taking your little one’s picture


The official passport guidelines state that

“Infants or very young children who can’t support themselves should be photographed lying down on a plain, white surface.”

This can be hard to get done in your local pharmacy as your little one may not be up for performing, you should try taking it at home, and then taking it to your pharmacy to be printed & cut into the correct size.

You can find this info in passport photo requirements here. You’re going to need four photos.


Taking the picture


  1. No one else should appear in the photo, so make sure that hands or arms used to support/comfort your little one can’t be seen.
  2. Use a toy behind the camera to try and keep your baby’s attention.
  3. Lay your baby down on a white sheet.
  4. Position your camera directly above the baby – this stops you having to support the baby’s head & neck while also getting a clear shot of your baby.
  5. Take plenty of pictures- take as many shots as necessary to achieve results.


If it’s not working (if your little one is tired, or not in the best of form), leave it, and try again the next day. Both of you will only get frustrated! Ideally it’s not something to be doing last minute, try your best to give yourself plenty of time (and room for error).