Getting Dad Involved In the Pregnancy

It takes two to tango and we definitely wouldn’t have our buns in the oven without the em…dough. Once you’re expecting, your favourite man hasn’t as much of a part to play in the day to day growing of baba. It can sometimes be a little hard for them to understand or feel fully part of your pregnancy journey, so it’s important to try and involve them as much as possible.


Whenever you decide to tell people, in whichever way you choose to do it, make sure he’s included in some way and made to feel special too. This is especially true if you are announcing your big news on social media as future Daddy Bears usually love to be tagged!


Get a hold of his calendar and book him in for every scan and check-up, he may not be able to get all of them off work but even if he gets to a few it will make it all feel so much more real and he’ll know exactly what’s going on with baba and how they’re doing in there!

Read all about it!

Daddys to be are great at reading up on everything baby related. Knowledge is key as it helps them to understand what is going on in your body week by week which in turn makes them feel more included. Use this to your advantage and both of you benefit. Let them read reviews to find the best pram for baby, ask them to find out what fruit baby resembles now and scour the web for easy step- genetics to try and figure out what colour eyes baby could have.

Cop a feel

There is nothing more natural and beautiful than a pregnant body and feeling your body, the curve of your bump and listening or singing to baby is an important way for Dad to bond. You’ve to remember that you can feel baby all day long, they are with you always so sometimes Dad’s feel a bigger connection to baby when they get to be with them too.

Honesty is the best policy

Men aren’t the best at reading between the lines on a normal day and when pregnant with hormones raging, sometimes it can be hard not to burst into tears, get a little snappy or sit in disappointment if there is no pasta for dinner.  Tell him what you’re thinking and why you’re sad or mad. He will understand that it’s not really you and part and parcel of everything but at least he knows and can try and fix it. Especially if you are feeling down or anxious about your changing body or how incredibly tired you are, tell him and he can be there with you for it supporting you and experiencing it together.

Antenatal Classes

These classes are really helpful for first time parents and old timers alike! They are very interactive which will make sure that Dad doesn’t feel left out!

Preparing for babies arrival

You may start nesting near the end, cleaning like you’ve never cleaned before (this reaction is very normal, you’re preparing for mama bear mode and want a safe, clean home for baby), decorating babies room and buying lots and lots of baby stuff. Make sure to include him as much as possible in this regard. He may not see the imaginary dust on the table that you’ve already scrubbed twice so don’t judge him too quickly on this but he can definitely help pick out a nice neutral paint with you or maybe pink or blue if you already know. Whatever you do, make sure he is included in picking the changing bag, daddys wear them with pride so he will want to have one that he likes too!