Bringing your baby swimming when you’re scared of the water

Parents bring their children to swimming classes for many reasons-to develop their child’s water confidence, safety, have fun, make friends and lots more, and for lots of parents (and babies) it’s the highlight of the week!

Another reason we often hear is the parents themselves are nervous of the water, and sometimes unable to swim themselves. Understandably they don’t want to pass on their fear to their child, and want to introduce their child to water as soon as possible to ensure they are safe and confident.

So if you are considering taking your child to baby swimming classes but are nervous about what they entail, let me reassure you…

  • All baby swimming classes are held in shallow pools where you can touch the bottom comfortably and our classes never involve going out of your depth.
  • Teachers complete rigorous world-class training and are fully qualified with the either the Swimming Teacher’s Association or the Amateur Swimming Association. They are used to dealing with nervous parents and will ensure you are completely comfortable with everything in the class by explaining everything as each class progresses.
  • We usually find that after a few classes parents feel much more comfortable in the water and enjoy them as much as their baby. Some have even decided to go underwater with their child for a photo shoot!

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever regarding any aspect of Turtle Tots classes, simply contact your local office. Visit for more info.