Grace’s Protein Balls Recipe

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my energy ball recipe with you all. I started making these at the start of my pregnancy and I was so surprised at how tasty they were. They are my favourite sweet treats with a cuppa in the evening. There are no rules when it comes to the ingredients you use or what flavours you add. I’ve tried so many different energy balls since making these ones. It is trial and error, the first ones I made didn’t turn out great. I have perfected it now but don’t feel disheartened if you can’t get them into proper balls, they still taste the same.

What you will need

  • Mixed nuts of your choice – Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pecan etc
  • Seed Mix of your choice
  • Soft Pitted Dates
  • Dry Desiccated Coconut (to roll the balls in, this step is optional ) 5
  • Cacao Powder
  • Coconut Oil
  • A blender or food processor

How to make them

1. Blend dates, seeds & nuts together in a food processor.

2. Add two tablespoons of cacao powder.

3. Melt a tablespoon of coconut oil.

4. Mix the dry ingredients with the melted coconut oil.

5. Time to get your hands dirty and roll the mixture into little balls.

6. Roll the balls in the dried coconut.

Hope you enjoyed this healthy snack recipe; they are perfect to keep in your fridge or handbag for a quick snack. They are so delicious and perfect for hitting that chocolate craving.

Love Grace xox