Handling a Newborn

If you haven’t spent a lot of time around newborns, their small fragile size can be intimidating. Holding a newborn for the first time can be scary, and even more so when they are yours! If you are apprehensive about it, don’t worry, it’s easier than you have built it up to be in your head and although tiny, they won’t slip through your fingers.

Here are a few of basics to remember:

Squeaky Clean

We can’t stress enough the importance of washing your hand (and/or the use of sanitizer) before handling your baby.

Newborns don’t have a strong immune system yet so they are vulnerable to infection. Make sure that everyone who wants a cuddle with your little bundle of joy has thoroughly clean hands. Stock up on the sanitizer – there’s no such thing as too much precaution with a newborn around!

Support your baby’s head and neck

Cradling the head is essential when carrying your baby. And make sure to support the head when carrying the baby upright (cuddling into your chest or peaking over your shoulder while getting up wind) or when you’re putting him or her down.

Until you build up your confidence, sit while holding them (a safe way to avoid any risk of an accident).

Buckle Up

Make sure your little one is securely fastened into the car seat or buggy and limit any activity that could be too rough or bouncy. They are still too little for anything rough and other little siblings may need to be reminded of this from time to time. Before you know it they’ll be ready & able!

No shaking

Be careful not to shake your new little angel. Shaking that is vigorous can cause unnecessary harm. If you need to wake your little one, don’t do it by shaking – instead, tickle your baby’s feet or blow gently on their cheek.

Be confident

Strangely enough they can smell your fear! If you’re nervous and uncomfortable, they will sense it and it’ll make them nervous and uncomfortable too. Take a deep breath and relax. You’ve got this! And remember that they’re new at this too!