Healthy choices when eating out with a toddler

Finding healthy eating options for your toddler while dining out can be a struggle especially when the majority of ‘kid’s menus’ usually consist of burgers, chicken goujons, sausages and chips.

Here are some tips on how to pick healthier food choices for your toddler when dining out:

  • Before sitting down ask your server if they allow substitutions to meals – most restaurants are happy to sub in or swap out foods but it’s best to check before sitting down.
  • Make your own kids menu – instead of choosing a burger and chips from the kids menu, you could pick a healthier option from the starter section or order a half portion from the adult menu.
  • For kids’ meals, opt for milk or water instead of fizzy drinks.
  • Substitute healthier sides in place of chips, such as a salad, veggies or a baked potato.
  • Skip dessert- occasional treats are fine but don’t let every meal out end with a dessert.
  • Watch portion sizes – children’s portions in restaurants are often too large so don’t encourage your little one to ‘clean their plate’, let them decide when they’ve had enough!


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