Healthy Party treats for toddlers

The words “kids party” either makes you whoop with delight (hello party newbie) or wilt with despair (greetings party veteran). Soon invasions of over-excited toddlers and children are going to land on your doorstep expecting to stuff their faces with sugar laden treats.

If the idea of a brunch of toddlers on a sugar rush puts you off then here are some healthy treats that are sure to be a party hit! As well as going down well with the toddlers you will also be helping them to develop healthy eating habits.


  • Healthier jelly and ice-cream – no childhood birthday party is complete without jelly and ice-cream! And you can make a healthier version by adding some berries to sugar free jelly and serving with plain frozen yoghurt instead of ice-cream.
  • Healthier buns – make some mini fairy cakes or buns and add some grated carrot or grated sweet apple to the mixture while you’re making it to boost your little one’s veggie intake (ssshhh they’ll never know)! These are always a great hit – with Mums and Dads too.
  • Fruit kebabs – Pick all your favourite fruits – berries, pineapple and banana and assemble into colourful fruit kebabs (watch out for skewers with the younger children and toddlers – use lollipop sticks instead). Or choose little fruit cups with chopped fruit in colourful party cups.
  • Mini pizzas – Make your own healthy pizzas using toasted whole wheat pitta breads covered in passatta sauce and toppings of your choice! Kids won’t know the difference and it might keep them amused for a little while putting their own toppings on (as long as you don’t mind a mess!)
  • Healthy drinks – Instead of sugary fizzy drinks, whip up a smoothie using fresh fruits, add some natural yogurt (unsweetened would be best) and a little honey if needed for sweetness (honey shouldn’t be given to babies under 1 year).

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