Hospital Bag Essentials

If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy, the idea of packing your hospital bag has probably crossed your mind on more than one occasion, with so much information out there, it can sometimes be a little hard to know exactly what you will need and to know where to start. This is especially true if baba decides to make a surprise appearance and you or one of your loved ones has to scurry together a quick bag. So fear no more Mama to be, we have compiled an essentials list below to help you.

For you;

Maternity Pads (and lots of them)

The term men have it lucky is an understatement, if and when your waters break, they will gush at first but continue to trickle for some time after so these are needed. After labour itself, they will be needed again for the first few days after birth when the blood flow is heavy.

High Rise Pants (Preferably black fitted cotton, think Bridget Jones)
If you are to have an elective or an emergency c-section, you will need underwear that goes over your stomach but that is fitted in order to help your stomach muscles recover and also to cover the stitches. The big pants also hold the rather lovely large maternity pads mentioned above!

Dark Coloured Nightdress x 2 (One that buttons down the front if you plan to breastfeed)
Dark to hide blood stains or any stains. It’s a strange thing, labour.


Nice fluffy ones

Depending on your level of strength, you may or may not be able to have a shower for a while after the birth and so these nifty little inventions will keep that odour at bay.

Soap/Shower Gel/Shampoo
If you are able to have a shower, it’ll be the nicest shower you ever take!

Hairbrush & lip balm
You may resemble a lion after labour and your lips will get dry!

Hair Bobbin
Labour is sweaty work, you might want to keep that lovely mane off your face so that you can concentrate comfortably on the big push.

Flip Flops

For the same reason as swimming pools, verruca’s!

So you will not be trying to reach your toes to put on socks!

Phone Charger & Phone
You will have every family member, friend, old friend, acquaintance, colleague, third cousin, sixth cousin and every one in between contact you to wish you well. Nosey parkers you might say but they do genuinely mean well and trust us, it’s nice to get some well wishes after you have made your very own human. Proud as punch. You’ll also need to get baby’s first photograph and to capture their gorgeous squishy face on camera, they are only that squishy for so long.

For Baby;

Babies poo-A LOT…and if you have a little boy, you can expect at least once to experience a fountain of pee directly in your face when changing their nappy.

Cotton Wool
Hospitals usually allow cotton wool only for cleaning (you can switch to the water wipes when you get home)

Babies feel the cold far more than an adult does and so these are needed under their clothes

Baby may look incredibly cute in a three piece tweed suit but that doesn’t mean it’s all that comfy or practical for an hour old baby. Midwives will always encourage comfortable clothing for newborns rather than outfits as they are cosy and easy to change out of and change their nappies with, so always stick to the plain and simple for baby’s first few days in the world.

Muslin clothes

You won’t believe how many of these you will use


Babies, especially overdue babies, tend to have quite long nails and scratch their face so mittens are needed for them to prevent them from doing so.

Babies lose heat from their head.

Baby needs to be wrapped up warm in their crib!