How to announce the birth of your little one

So you’ve officially had your baby. Congratulations! You’ve probably already taken 100 photos of your baba, but you can’t possibly respond to every well wisher with a personal picture.  So how do you spread your happy news and say thanks to all of them at once?


There are lots of ways to choose from! Here are some examples:

Group Whatsapp/Group Imessage Text

So simple, yet so effective. Add everyone that you want to update to a group text and send your message or photo. The Facebook Announcement: The tried and tested method of announcing your new born baby’s name, time of birth and weight. Plus it always seems to go down a treat! You may wish to share just these details or you may want to add a picture also. Some Daddy’s like to mention how well Mama Bear did too and how proud they are, which is always nice. Either way, you are sure to get warm congratulations.


Having grown massively in popularity over the past two years, Instagram is fast becoming the place to be, especially when it comes to mama’s sharing pictures of their tiny tots. You have your choice of filters to use too so you can make the photo as intimate or blurred as you wish (while making yourself look a little better too). Or you could even try to take an arty picture like the celebs do of just your baby’s hand holding yours or something similar, so as not to give too much away. This is your precious moment after all.

If you want everybody to see your news, you can set your profile to public and put some nifty #Baby #Newborn #NewMama #cutebaby hashtags which will be sure to gather you a few likes and comments off other Mamas around the globe which will be sure to make you smile.

Tweet Tweet

Twitter is not for everyone, a little like marmite, you either love it or hate it. While it’s huge in the States, it hasn’t taken off quite as well here but that said, there is still a huge following in Ireland so if you are one of them, this may be the platform you use to share your good news! Short and sweet, Twitter only allows 140 characters which allows you to write one sentence about how utterly gorgeous your new family is.


A little bit dated you may think, yes…technically, but all old things become retro at some point and email is slowly coming back around. Whether it’s a group email to all your family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues with a few details about your little bundle of joy, or a personal individual email to a select few, the choice is yours.

Arrival Cards

Totally on trend, these are a nifty way to announce your baby’s birth- a sentimental card. Similar to a thank you card, there is a usually a picture on the front that you have uploaded (baby related) and a short message about the occasion on the inside. Mostly available online, once delivered to your house, you can then pop into the post to your whole address book or just a few lucky people (it can also be a thank you card for anyone who sends you a gift).


Just remember that the moment is yours. Enjoy it!  And when you feel ready (and your inbox is full with messages from eager beavers) then maybe then look into the choices above.

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