How to get your toddler to try new foods

To help your picky eater broaden their culinary horizons, check out these ways to tempt them to eat something new:

Have meal play dates. Toddlers like to imitate others and if they see a friend trying something new, your little one is more likely to do the same.

Make it fun. Toddlers eat with their eyes so when offering new foods try to arrange them into a shape or smiley face and have lots of colour.

Make it familiar. If your little one is trying new foods like fish try mixing it with something familiar like potatoes. You could try a tasty salmon pie or fish cake.

Keep trying. Toddlers may need 10–15 tastes of a new food to develop a liking for it so don’t give up after a few attempts.

Encourage but don’t force feed. Encourage your little one to try a new food but don’t overly pressure them. Praise them when they try something new and accept it if they say they don’t like it. Try again with the same item another day!

If you’ve got a question about trying new foods do contact our Careline at 1800 570 570.