How to take monthly growth pictures (from birth-1 year)

You’ll be truly amazed how time flies with a little one. You’ll blink and it will be your newborn’s first birthday!

Are you taking monthly pics of your little one to measure their growth? If not, you should start now! Month-to-month baby pictures not only make a wonderful memento, it’ll help you see how much they’ve grown in such a short space of time.

It’s easy to do- You don’t need a fancy camera, just some time, patience and a little bit of creativity.

Here are some useful tips to get the best pics to make the most adorable keepsake for you little one to have and cherish forever.

Choose a nice, clear background

When focusing on your beautiful baby, sometimes it can be easy to forget about all the stuff that’s lying around the place in the background that might ruin the shot: toys, clothes, furniture, etc. Before you put your little one in place, camera ready, look through the lens and look at the space that will be photographed. Check out what you’re working with, and move anything you need to. A nice rug or carpet is a good option as your little one is nice and safe on the floor.

Take the picture in the exact same spot, at the exact same time of day each month.

This is simply to ensure that lighting and background is the same, and you can really see your little one’s growth.

If you’re using a tripod, remember the height setting and distance away from your baby. If you’re taking a freehand picture, remember what position you were standing/kneeling in and how far away you were.

NO flash!

Choose a time of day and a spot in your house or outside with great natural light. Natural light is always much nicer and easier to make consistent at the end!

Not TOO close.

Your little one is the bell of the ball! Sure, when they are tiny your instinct is to take a close-up shot. But remember that you’ll be doing this every month as they grow. So step back a little bit and allow for their growth, while still being able to take your picture from the exact same spot every time. There’s always the ability to crop & zoom after.

Choose your prop or props wisely.

Pick a piece of furniture or a toy that makes a good measurement tool. It’s fun to see them grow into a chair, or be the same size as a teddy, then outgrow it each month! (Get someone to help you with this so they can stand close to make sure baby is safe)

Be consistent with their outfit.

Pick a non-distracting, neutral colour, or go completely bold and loud, just stick to something similar every month.

Take LOTS!

Don’t be shy! Take your time and capture your little one with lots of different expressions and emotions. Even if they are cranky, it’s great to capture them with their range of normal emotions. They don’t have to be looking at the camera and smiling every time (and let’s be honest, that’s probably impossible anyway!).

Photo Credit: Bunny & Dolly