How to wean a baby with reflux

As if coping with reflux wasn’t tough enough, now your baby is ready for the new challenge of solid food. So if your baby finds it difficult to keep down milk, how will they cope with solids?
The good news is that some mums find weaning their babies on to solids can actually reduce reflux. However, others find it doesn’t make a difference; it just becomes a different challenge.

Here are some tips to help wean a baby with reflux:

  • Start slow – weaning slowly and take your lead from your baby as to how much she or he needs as they will still be getting the majority of their nutrition from milk.
  • Don’t rush – Allow plenty of time for feeding at each mealtime and never rush your baby to finish a meal.
  • Feeding position – it’s best to feed your baby in an upright position. Look for a highchair that offers a lot of support and allow your baby to stay in an upright position for around 20 minutes after meals.
  • Keep a food diary – Keeping a food diary can help you identify what foods your baby reacts badly or well to.
  • Smooth foods – Start with smooth puree. Some babies with reflux can be sensitive to different textures so make sure to introduce new textures at a pace your little one is comfortable with.

If you’ve got a question about weaning a baby with reflux do contact our Careline at 1800 570 570.