Jennifer’s top weaning tips

I definitely think the thought of starting to wean your baby, is worse than when you actually start the process.


With three children under my belt, I found the first time the most daunting.

Even as a nutritionist, with the knowledge of what to do and what not to do, I was panicking. I don’t know why, but I did. So I can really appreciate how it feels for other new mums starting out.


I remember ringing the girls in the office to check if I was doing it right, I just needed that little bit of support and reassurance to get me going. After that we were flying, as my confidence grew and my little man got stuck in. After that it was definitely easier on the second and third baby but I was still nervous starting them too, because you feel like you’ve forgotten it all, but it’s like riding a bike, wobbly at first and then you’re off!!


So my top tips to get started would be:

  1. TIP of the day: Preparation is key!! Get yourself ready – including mentally ready. Familiarise yourself with the portion size guide and read up on the different stages of weaning.
  2. Batch cook first tastes and freeze in ice cube trays. Click here for more information about freezing
  3. Try vegetables before fruit – babies are born with a natural sweet tooth so introducing fruit first might make it harder for you to get them to accept more bitter tasting vegetables later on.
  4. Variety is gold – try them with one new food every 2 days.
  5. Be patient!! Remember it can take up to 15times of them trying a new food before your baby decides to accept it. So if they blatantly will not take a new food, leave it and try again 5-7 days later. Try, try and try again is the motto here!
  6. Preparation is key!!


My final tip for the day – You need bibs, lots of them. I put a removable adhesive hook (3M Command hook) at the back of my highchair and hung a few there, so I always had one to hand.

Be prepared for the yellow/orange stains! You can’t escape them. Apparently sunshine is the magic cure – when you wash and hang your baby’s clothes out on a nice sunny day is supposed to work a treat? If you have any success with this or other good tips, let us know J