Your linea nigra

Noticed a dark vertical line between your belly button and downstairs recently? That’s your linea nigra, and it was actually always there – it’s just looking a little darker now that you’re pregnant.

What causes it?

Pregnancy hormones, which are also responsible for  an array of other delightful pregnancy symptoms are also the cause for the darkening of your linea alba (which is a white line between your belly button and your pelvis that you never noticed but was always there-before you got pregnant). When you’re expecting a beautiful little one it becomes the linea nigra, as skin all over your body becomes hyper-pigmented or extra dark.

What you need to know:

It won’t affect your little one

Your baby is perfect, cosy & content and the linea nigra doesn’t affect them at all!

The darker your skin, the darker your linea nigra will be

Good news if you have pasty white Irish skin! Sorry if you don’t.

It’s temporary

Keep calm. It fades a few months after your baby is born (unlike stretch marks).


A fun old wives tale: if it runs only up to your belly button, you’re having a girl – but if it runs above your belly button to up near your ribs, it’s a boy!