Maternity clothes: The essentials

While styling your ever growing bump can be fun, it can also sometimes be a bit of a challenge to find the correct balance between cute/stylish and comfortable.  During pregnancy you don’t need to abandon your personal style! You’re still allowed to be yourself. Having a few pieces of statement jewellery is a great way to dress up any maternity outfit (as well as letting your style shine through), meaning you can buy more basic, reusable/versatile items. Plus- jewellery will still fit when you’re little one is born!

It’s best to purchase maternity specific clothing rather than going up by a size or two in regular clothes.  Maternity clothes are made for bumps & will fit better- resulting in you feeling more confident. Even though your new shape may take some getting used to, hopefully with the right fit you’ll be able to embrace your bump!

Keeping that in mind, you don’t want to spend a fortune on an entirely new wardrobe (we’d all love to but who can afford that?!) so below are a list of essentials to go purchase when your adorable bump starts to appear.

Maternity Jeans/Leggings

Like most maternity wear items, nicely or correctly fitting jeans or trousers can be difficult to find, but once you’ve found the right pair for you they become a wardrobe staple. Just keep in mind that you are pregnant and casual wear such as leggings are more than acceptable!

Long t-shirts/cami’s

One white and one black will be a wardrobe staple. Long is the important point to note here- as your bump grows you’ll need the extra length.

Bump-friendly cardigan

To keep you and your little one cosy and warm.

A nursing bra

We know you’re not nursing yet, but during pregnancy you might suffer from boob pain and when that happens you’ll need the extra support and most importantly comfort. Especially at night time.


These inventions are great! A bellyband allows you to continue to wear your regular clothes for longer!

Comfortable shoes

If you’re comfortable in heels, by all means, wear heels or pick up some cute flats! Whatever style you decide consider going up a size to allow for some swelling.  Another option would be to try the ’wide fit’ range now offered by some retailers.


Happy shopping!!