Mum knows best

So can all the Bad Mummy’s please stand up, yup that’s me just ask my kids…… worst mum ever! (needs to be said with venom dripping off tongue and eyes being rolled)

I started being a bad mum the day they were born…… I could get nothing right, or so the world wanted me to believe.

Oh you had a c-section, how disappointing.

You had them naturally, how traumatic.

Oh you are giving them a bottle?

They are not getting enough milk from you, you should supplement.

They are not gaining weight fast enough.

When are you going to start losing the baby weight?

Oh you have not started sleep training yet, they will be spoilt rotten.

Oh you are co-sleeping, you will roll over a smother them.

You can’t feed in public… it’s not right.

They are not sitting/ walking/ talking yet???

Oh so you give them a soother… are you not worried about affecting their speech (eh they are 6 months old, we got some time).

They are not toilet trained yet??

Have you seen a specialist about that…..


If you were not there the night my kids were conceived, I hate to break it to you, you don’t get a say on how I raise them. Period. End of discussion. To all the mum’s of the world…….. you are enough. It doesn’t need to be a democracy on the choices you make, or don’t make.

  • Natural vs C-section
  • Breast vs Bottle
  • Sleep training vs co sleeping
  • Nappies vs cloth nappies

I’m going to let you in on a secret…… I DON’T care what you do, nor should you care what the rest of the world thinks.

Do you get smiles from your little one? Do their eyes light up when they see you? Do they call your name when they wake first thing in the morning? Do they come running for you to kiss their ‘boo boos’………. You’re a great mum.

Five kids later I have broken every rule in the book … and you know what they survived!!  No permanent damage.

They don’t come with a rule book or a guide book, nor do they know the ‘milestones’ they are supposed to hit.

My 15 year old, does not still have a soother, she is fully toilet trained, and talks (now its dripped with sarcasm) she is not sitting in a pit of depression because I switched her to bottles at 6 months, or because she didn’t have cloth nappies.  She can sleep perfectly by herself, actually she struggles now to get out of bed in the morning!

They will all get there when they are ready, there is no hurry, you are not doing something wrong, you are doing amazing.

I have had a 13 month, 12 month, 12 month, 10 month and 11 month walkers…. They are all different, however sometimes I do wonder why I ever taught them to talk as it would be so much quieter.

I have locked myself in a toilet for 2 mins peace or to have a little cry……

I have not showered for a number of days….

I have walked away and let them scream as I couldn’t deal with them….

I have screamed at them…

My house has been a pigsty for about 15 years now…. (my youngest are two year old twins so it won’t be clean for another 16 years at least)

They have driven me insane…

And then they smile…… or wobble over to you and plant you with a big sloppy snot infused kiss. Just breathe and trust your instincts. When it comes to your little one YOU know best.


Let’s support each other and say Well Done Mums instead of critiquing or comparing!