Newborn essentials list

Your baba is nearly ready to show their little face, you have your bag packed but what about baby’s stuff? It’s hard to know exactly what you’ll need for your little one both for in the Hospital and when you bring them home. If you have a baby shower, you will receive some gorgeous things but you can also be guaranteed that you’ll get at least one gift that you will never ever use. Baby is big business so there are lots of new and trendy contraptions for babies that might seem appealing when you’re pregnant and raging with broody hormones that make you want to buy baby everything that you see but more often or not, you won’t actually use them in reality.

I have put together a list of essentials below;


Bibs/Muslin Cloths

Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, babies will still have spillages so these guys will save your little ones chest from getting wet and in turn cold and also save their cute outfit from spoiling.

Feeding equipment 

Depending on what way you decide to feed your baby.

Water wipes

If you can use just cotton wool/pads and water on your new born for the first few weeks it’s great and good for baby as it’s au natural but realistically if your baba tends to have particularly runny nappies then water based wipes (make sure they are fragrance free as these can irritate sensitive skin) may be needed and will save you lots of time if trying to clean a big mess quickly.


Pretty self-explanatory, you will need these and LOTS of them! There are lots of different brands, some more well known than others but make sure to shop around as there are lots of copycat versions at cheaper prices in big name retailers which are just as good. Whether you go ultra-dry or active fit, or ultra-thin there is sure to be one that suits your baby’s needs.

Nappy Sacks

These are vital. I cannot stress enough how fantastic these little guys are.  Back in the day, nappies went into the bin in all their glory but let’s be honest, it’s not very hygienic even for bin standards. So now you just pop the nappy into a fragranced bag and throw it in the bin. It’s also very handy if you are changing the baby on the go and there isn’t a bin nearby. The nappy is secured in the bag so you can just save the bag until later when you do finally get to a bin.

Nappy cream

Anybody who has a baby with sensitive skin will need this. Nappy rash can strike at any time, especially little girls as their pee pee tends to roll to the back so sudocream or something like it, will really help your little one heal.

Natural Baby Oil

Midwives will advise you to not bathe baby every day in the first few weeks so that their skin does not dry and they can keep their essential oils but a natural baby oil is great for freshening up baby especially on the creases around their neck where dirt can build up.


These two are essential items for your little ones wardrobe. Although sleep is in the name, they can be worn all day long (Some of you may call them babygros). In hindsight, I wish I had of dressed my little lady in these more than silly outfits but alas I didn’t know.  Vest goes on first and cute sleepsuit on top meaning baby is always lovely, comfortable and warm.


Baby’s lose heat from their feet so small socks are essential. You will find that these go missing in every wash, so buy lots- pesky elves.


Mittens are needed as babies tend to scrape their face quite a lot as they have literally no co-ordination. Hats have to be worn so that baba doesn’t get cold as newborns are so brand new, the elements affect them far more than an older baby.

Nappy bag/Bottle Carrier

No matter how chic you want to be, you cannot fit all of baba’s stuff into your handbag.  You’ll need it to fit your nappies, spare pairs of clothes for when baby spits up, bottles (there are separate sections for both) and everything in between.  Dad doesn’t have to turn a shade of purple either like he would carrying a handbag as there are so many  trendy and gender friendly ones out there to choose from. Think along the lines of the famous quote “it’s not a man bag it’s a satchel, Indiana Jones had one!”

Moses Basket/Crib

As tempting as it might be, to have baba in bed with you as they are just so perfect and you could stare at them all day,  it is advisable not to as they need to sleep at night in a crib or a moses basket. Whatever your preference, both will allow baby to lie flat and comfortably, in a safe position. If you are having feelings of separation, you can pull the crib or basket right up beside your own bed so that you are lying side by side.

Blanket & Sheets

Again, newborns are precious so they will need a blanket wrapped around them or at least over their lap if outdoors and indoors, depending on the weather/heating.


Baby’s are known to get lonely in their crib as they are so tiny when they first arrive so having a cuddly toy that is suitable for a newborn, near them will give them a sense of warmth and security.

Pram/Car Seat

Car seat’s are legally required in Ireland for travelling with a baby. Most babies remain in a rear facing position up until approx. 9kg (depends on the seat-please check your individual brand) or one year old. Make sure it is secure before placing baba in it and of course pram’s are needed for travelling with baby, especially in wet weather so that you can use the rain cover to protect them it is near impossible to hold a newborn and multitask so a pram is always needed to keep them safe if you are busy or need to hold something else.

Car Mirror

If you drive, these are perfect for keeping an eye on baba in the back seat through this rear view mirror that attaches to the back of your passenger seat.


Baby’s loose heat far quicker than we do so it’s very important that they’re nice and warm at all times.  A thick coat for winter or a pramsuit, lighter ones for Summer months (Don’t forget that although it may be a nice day, in Ireland there is usually a breeze so be cautious of this)


Super for keeping your little on safe and secure if they are sitting with you, especially if you have visitors and baba is tired from being cuddled and passed around so much. Baby can sit in this to relax, without having to be put in the crib away from all their admirers. It has a natural bounce to it, hence the name so also soothes baby.

Mobile/Projector (Ok not exactly essential but I would recommend them to everyone!)

Mobile’s are toys that you attach to your baby’s crib or cot. They usually feature animals that hang from the mobile and rotate as the mobile turns. These are great for helping baby to go asleep as they stare at it entertaining them until they drift off. There are also new ones whereby a projector sends an image to the roof off their bedroom, again usually of cute animals and some come with sounds also.  (Word of warning-if you have one that plays sounds, you will find yourself humming these annoying songs all day long)

Baby bath/Normal Bath

If you have a bath – great, baba can splash their little legs until their heart is content but if your home is shower friendly only, then you will need to invest in a baby bath, at least while baby is small. Most of us have pictures of us as kids in the kitchen sink but things have changed since the 80’s and turns out, kitchen sinks aren’t the most hygienic, who would have thought!

Baby Shampoo/Baby Bath

Baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adults and they are prone to cradle cap which is when the skin on their head gets irritated and red so it’s important to buy baby friendly products for baba’s scrub time!