Our Foods Story


A lot of care and attention goes into making our delicious baby food recipes. It all starts with selecting our highest quality ingredients. Then we prepare them carefully, washing, slicing and dicing until they are just the right size. We blitz and blend them all together and carefully cook them before taking all the air out and popping them in their jars!


Process can vary slightly. See label for full ingredients. Breastfeeding is recommended for the first 6 months of life. Please speak to a healthcare professional before introducing solid foods.

We’re passionate about helping little ones learn to love good food…

That’s why we only use specifically selected ingredients, grown by farmers we know and trust, to create our delicious recipes.

Our apples are grown in dedicated baby orchards, controlled through the whole season and hand-picked with care. Every batch of apples goes through up to 650 quality and safety checks, with only the finest used in our recipes.

We grow our spinach in dedicated fields, only in April, to make sure the soil type is just right to achieve the highest quality. Then every batch is taste-tested by at least 10 people before it’s given the go-ahead to be used in our recipes.

Our great range of tasty breakfasts, hearty meals, snacks and desserts introduces new tastes and textures at every stage.

No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives in any of our recipes.