Pregnancy & Baby Apps: Our Favs

If you’re anyway like us- our phone is our life nowadays! It pretty much does everything!  So why should it be any different during pregnancy and when you have your baby? Good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some of our favourite apps:


Pregnancy Countdown

Simple, but effective!  This one was a clear favourite of FacesbyGrace too!

pregnancy countdown facesbygrace

Who’s Your Daddy?

One for the Dads! And more specifically, first time dads. It has all the usual pregnancy info and tools- weekly pregnancy updates, baby development, hospital bag checklist, and contraction counter etc. but in a humorous and helpful but yet manly way. It will also send him helpful hints so he knows what to do to support you during pregnancy.


Baby Names

Sure, you could pick up a book or two, but you can also try our Baby Name Generator. We’ve an extensive list of over 50,000 names for you to explore so that you can find the perfect one for your little bundle of joy!

Warning: you may waste a few hours browsing through names!!


Contraction counter

No explanation needed. When you go into labour, a contraction counter app can be really helpful. There are lots of one’s available and for free. Full term has been suggested a few times.



White Noise

White noise soothes a baby by replicating what they used to hear when they were in the womb. It can be a hoover, washing machine, hairdryer etc. But if you have the app to hand, you won’t need to actually use the appliances.

Again, there are lots available to choose from! Sound Sleeper has been recommended!


Baby Tracker

Until baby brain subsides (it can sometimes take a while), it can keep track of your little one’s daily habits, health and exciting firsts during the early days and months. You can record feeds, nappy changes, growth/weight, health and even sleep.


Baby Pics

Ok, it is €2.99 but we’re hooked! This app helps you decorate your baby (and pregnancy) milestone pictures with the most adorable stamps and filters.


Happy downloading!!

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