Pregnancy Myths Busted!

There’s so much pregnancy advice available now that it can be very difficult to know what to believe and what to ignore. Between info from well-meaning friends and family, and late night google searches looking for answers to pregnancy related questions, the likelihood of getting contradictory answer or info is quite high.

While it’s always important to remember that your doctor should be your go-to for pregnancy-related questions and concerns, here’s a few common pregnancy myths lots of pregnant women believe, but aren’t true.

Don’t take a bath when pregnant- it’s dangerous!

False. Taking a bath during pregnancy is perfectly OK. Taking a HOT bath during pregnancy is not. When the water is too hot, it can raise your body temperature which may be harmful to your baby.  If you opt for a bath, be sure it’s at a good temperature, rather than overly hot, and have someone there to help you get out!

Having sex during pregnancy can hurt your baby

False. It’s perfectly safe to have sex during pregnancy. It’s just the wild, rough, and crazy stuff (no judgement here) may be better left until after your little one arrives, the usual bed rocking is all good. If your pregnancy is an exception to the rule, your doctor will let you know.

Carrying low means you’re having a BOY!

False. How you carry your baby is unrelated to their gender. How you carry your baby depends on your body type and if you’ve carried a baby before. Like if you’ve already had a baby your tummy muscles will be looser and cause you to appear to be carrying lower. You can read more old wives tales like this one here.

Lifting your arms over your head can cause your baby’s umbilical cord to become wrapped around their neck

False. Raising your arms above your head will not affect the position of your baby’s umbilical cord. This is a result of how your little wriggly monkey moves around and not you! This means that however you decide to Exercise During Pregnancy, you don’t need to rule out putting your arms above your head…

You’re eating for two!

False. You may have heard of the saying “you’re eating for two” during pregnancy. But sadly, this isn’t true! You only need a small about of extra calories now in your second trimester – 350 calories to be exact. That’s equal to only one or two extra healthy snacks. Eating healthily will help to get your growing baby off to the very best start so avoid snacking on things like crisps, chocolate or biscuits and reach for the yoghurts, fruit or nuts. Think of it as eating twice as well rather than twice as much!

While it may be tempting to believe everything anyone tells you (especially in your fragile state), don’t. If you have questions related to your pregnancy, or are unsure if something that you’ve been told is true, ask your doctor or give our careline a call on 1800570570. You can also register to C&GBabyclub which gives you personalised weekly updates on what stage your baby is at.

And remember to breath – you have so many opinions and advice coming at you but you’re keeping it cool! Our Well Done Mums page celebrates mums from pregnancy right through to toddlerhood.