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      Pregnancy Yoga - Why you should start now

      I’ve never done yoga before, can I do it now that I’m pregnant?


      This is a question I get asked all the time and it’s a great one! And yes, everyone can practice yoga regardless of your shape, size, health or experience.

      During a recent interview, Gail Tully from Spinning Babies said:

      “Pregnancy Yoga is the new childbirth education”

      I squealed in delight shouting ‘thank you’! So what did she mean by that?

      There are so many benefits that come with Prenatal Yoga, but here are just a few:


      ·         Releasing tension – due to our lifestyles and simply just getting physically bigger through pregnancy, we tend to get super tight and hold bucket loads of tension in our shoulders, hips and back, which can lead to great discomfort and pain.

      ·         Strengthening – a strong butt, strong legs and and overall strong body will make your pregnancy AND your birth & recovery a more enjoyable experience. Some of the postures will also strengthen the deep core muscles which also play a big part in preventing back pain.

      ·         Positioning –releasing deep muscles attached to the pelvis, and focusing on good posture, can help to make room for baby to tuck the chin and move lower into the pelvis…crucial for allowing baby to engage before birth, and move swiftly through the pelvis. If the muscles are tight, there isn’t adequate room for baby to move down…which help in having an efficient labour.

      ·         Breath Work – focusing on the breath has both a powerful physical and emotional benefit. Physically it will help calm the nervous system, decrease your heart rate to a comfortable pace, and ensure a good supply of oxygen to your baby…read that sentence again – how simple but how wonderful!

      ·         Sleep – now this is one which affects pretty much all pregnant ladies. Whether it is difficulty in getting to sleep or waking up during the night, I can’t tell you how good yoga is to kick this to the curb. Your body and mind will be so well rested and ready for sleep after a class.


      Mental Wellbeing:

      ·         Relaxation – With the focus on the breath, opening up the body and letting all that good energy flow around, and ending with a relaxation, you will feel soooo relaxed after your yoga session.

      ·         Connection – as we live in such a busy world, sometimes we never actually sit down and spend time connecting with our baby and also connecting back with ourselves…precious and vital.

      ·         Mood – Yoga can have a tremendously powerful impact on your positive mood and mindset for pregnancy. Endorphins are our happy hormones and are released during exercise. They will help boost your mood and help you feel more relaxed during pregnancy.

      I’d encourage you to find a local class with a specialised instructor, and discuss any queries or conditions you have. If you have difficulty getting out to a class, or just want more guidance, you can join me online at NurtureMamas.com.

      Big love

      Any more questions?

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