Week 10

Your baby’s nervous system is starting to develop along with the large muscles and the digestive system. Eye colour is now determined and the eyelids are fused shut until early in the third trimester, as parts of their eyes such as the irises are still being developed. Your baby’s vital organs are fully developed and are starting to function. They are also now swallowing and kicking, and little details are appearing too, such as fingernails and a little fuzz of hair on his or her little head.

You can also stop wondering when you’ll start to see your bump as it’s usually right around now, as your baby continues rapid growth and your tummy starts to develop some extra curve (of course, you still might be the only one who notices). In the process, your ligaments and muscles are starting to stretch, so don’t be surprised if you start feeling some aches and pains.

You’re now also eating for your baby too so it may be time to start rethinking some of those food and drink choices. Although they are well protected in there, there are certain foods and drinks which may be harmful to them. The foods to avoid include soft cheeses such as brie, pate, smoked salmon and undercooked meat, fish or eggs. You also need to cut back on your coffee! Too much caffeine can pass through the placenta to baby but the placenta or baby isn’t able to break it down. You can still have 1-2 cups of coffee per day but it is best to choose decaf if possible. Watch out for other caffeine sources too like fizzy & energy drinks.