Week 23

At 23 weeks, you may notice you are gaining weight steadily each week, which is to be expected as your baby is growing. They are also now listening to what’s going on in the outside world such as your car, music on the radio or the neighbour’s dog barking. Their skin is now beginning to thicken and turn more opaque. It will also begin to get pinker as capillaries (small blood vessels) form.

While your baby still has loads of room in your womb at this stage, like anyone who stays in one place for a long time, your little tenant will soon begin to feel cramped. You may notice that your baby is quieter during that day when you are moving around. This is because your body movements are soothing and comforting. Alternatively, don’t be surprised if you’re wide awake at 3am for a bit of a kick or some hiccupping as when you’re lying down, your little one is awake!

It is also possible that you might be getting a sneak preview of what’s in store in your third trimester which can include leaky boobs, Braxton Hicks contractions and heartburn.