Week 26

If you could see your baby now, you might be able to get a glimpse of his or her eyes, which are beginning to open because they are nearly fully formed. They are also getting their immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up your antibodies. Oh, and they are taking breaths, too. Although not of air, of amniotic fluid instead but it’s still good practice.

Your little one’s movements are much stronger now, and might even begin to be painful sometimes. When a foot or elbow gets stuck somewhere uncomfortable, feel free to try push or guide it back into a position that’s more comfortable for you. You won’t be hurting your little one!

You’re probably experiencing the phenomenon known as “pregnancy brain” and you’ll find yourself being extra forgetful. Hopefully you’ll find some comfort in the fact that it’s completely normal.

Where possible, swap white bread, pasta and rice for wholemeal and wholegrain varieties to boost your fibre intake during pregnancy.