Week 29

Your little one is still working on gaining weight, which is making him or her stronger. Between now and when they are born, your baby will more than double their weight. You’re probably already getting a little preview of baby’s personality, the more your feel him or her move. You might get some playful kicks and nudges, and start to feel some hiccups too (it’ll fell like a twitch).

Although it may feel like they are much more active now, the amount of kicking is about the same, but because there’s less room, you’re feeling every movement.

There are certain kinds of fish called oily fish that provide you and your growing baby with healthy fats as well as vitamin D. These omega-3 fatty acids will support your baby’s brain and eye development while vitamin D is important for normal bones. Examples of oily fish are salmon, mackerel or tinned tuna. You should try to include these kinds of fish 1-2 times per week.