Week 31

All five of your baby’s senses are in working order. Your baby can’t smell anything right now, but when they are born your scent will be one of the very first scents your baby gets a whiff of and breathes in, a scent that will quickly become his or her very favourite.

You’ll also notice that he or she is putting in longer stretches of sleep, which is why you’re probably noticing more defined patterns of being awake and rest. This is because they are resting up and preparing for the birth – and you should be doing this too. It’s even more important to listen to your body as you go into these last weeks. Slow down when it tells you to slow down and remember not to push yourself too much.

We are all aware of how important getting our ‘5-a-day’ is but try to make an extra effort to get the numbers up while you are expecting. A rainbow of different fruit and veg will give you and your baby a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.