Week 33

During week 33 when your baby is awake, his or her eyes are open. They are still working hard on their survival skills that will be critical once they enter the world but this week they are beginning to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing – little multitasking genius!

Their tiny bones are continuing to harden but you’ll be happy to know that the skull bones are still flexible and aren’t completely joined. Why should that make you happy? This makes it easier for you to give birth to your baby, as the bones can overlap slightly and compress when they need to squeeze, move, turn and wriggle their way through the birth canal.

While you are carrying your little bundle of joy, it is important to make sure you get enough calcium. Calcium is important for normal bone development and it is not just your own bones that you need to be thinking about now! Try to have 3 portions of dairy foods per day, so one matchbox size piece of cheese, a yoghurt or a glass of milk will each count as one portion.