Week 35

Growing, growing and even more growing for both you and your little one. There’s a lot of movement and activity now as your baby is really paying attention to the sounds outside the womb and reacting to them. Continue to talk to them to let them hear your voice regularly. It’s only going to strengthen your already magical mother and baby bond.
If you’re expecting a bouncing baby boy, his testes have probably fully descended now.

Interesting fact: At 35 weeks, your womb has grown to about 1,000 times its original size (even though it probably feels like a million to you!)

Continue eating foods that are high in iron (beef, pork, chicken, eggs, broccoli or spinach) twice per day as you enter the final stretch of your pregnancy. As your body is circulating more and more blood to both you and your baby, iron will help to transport oxygen around the body and will help to reduce tiredness.