Week 36

Focusing on your little one will help ease any pregnancy aches and pains that you probably have. After weeks of it being the main focus, growth will start to slow down now so your baby will be able to make the journey to the outside world and also so he or she can save up all the energy needed for delivery.

Since your baby could decide to make their arrival any day now, take care of your last minute items to relieve stress. If you haven’t left work yet, let your boss know where your work projects stand as every day when you go home you need to be prepared for the possibility that you might not come back tomorrow. If you are able to, take maternity leave sooner than later as giving yourself time to rest and chill out before birth can make a huge difference.

Also, go on a date or two with your partner before your new arrival. A nice relaxing evening out is just what you might need right now.