Week 40

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – due date! If you’re lucky enough to have your little one on your exact due date, congratulations! But if not don’t worry, as it’s not very common. After months of anticipation, the due date passes by and you’re still pregnant. It’s frustrating, but remember that your due date is only an estimation. Try not to stress and be rest assured that your baby will arrive when he or she’s ready and not before then.

Are your friends and family annoying you daily to find out how things are going? If it’s frustrating you, explain that you’ll call when your baby is definitely on their way and politely (if possible) ask them to respect that. Make sure you have all the last minute things sorted, and if you don’t, assign them errands to make them feel helpful.

After the birth, from your newborn’s perspective, you’ll look a bit blurry (they’ll have trouble focusing at first), so be sure to say hello and talk to your precious bundle of joy, since they will recognize the sound of your voice and your partner’s and it will be soothing and reassuring. Congratulations! You’re a Mum!