Week 6

You may be dealing with a lot of early pregnancy symptoms right now but the good news is that your little one is thriving, and growing like crazy! Their blood is now circulating and if you have an early scan, you may even be able to see their heart beating. They are about to become adorable too as their nose, eyes, ears, chin and cheeks are starting to appear. Four little buds will appear, which will soon become arms and legs. You may be feeling extra tired and also need to pee more, especially during the night.

It’s also really important that you remember to keep taking your folic acid supplement up until at least week 12. Take a 400ug supplement every day and include folate rich foods like broccoli in your daily diet. Folic acid is a type of B vitamin which will help your baby’s neural tube to close properly (this is where the brain and spine develop from). If you haven’t been taking folic acid, it’s time to start now so talk to your pharmacist or GP.