Week 9

It’s week 9 and your little bundle of joy is now recognisable as a little person and can now officially be classed as a fetus (which is just a medical term for your baby before they are born).

Your little one is busy building muscle, but all you may want to do these days is sleep (all your energy is going into growing your baby). You’ll be delighted to know that your baby’s heart is developed enough that its beats can be heard with a doppler (a handheld ultrasound device). Don’t worry if it can’t be found the first time, it probably just means your little angel is hiding in the corner of your womb or has his or her back facing out (basically being a monkey already).

Foods such as beef, lamb, chicken, cod, eggs, spinach and broccoli all contain an important nutrient called iron. Iron will help to reduce tiredness, and you are probably feeling exhausted at the moment. You should try to eat foods that are rich in iron twice a day.