Cow & Gate Cereals

Cow and Gate Cereals are made with only your baby in mind. One bowl a day provides a third of your baby’s key vitamins and minerals. Each stage is nutritionally tailored for your baby.

Unlike some family cereals they contain:

  • No added sugar
  • No added salt
  • No artificial flavourings or preservatives.

Stage One: Suitable from 6 months
Stage 1 cereals have a smooth texture and simple, tasty flavours that are tailored especially for your baby.
Cereals suitable from 6 months are available in four different varieties.

  • Pure baby rice
  • Banana Porridge
  • Fruity Porridge
  • Creamy Porridge

Stage Two: 7 months
This stage introduces more varied grains and exotic fruits for your baby’s developing taste buds.
Available in

  • Tropical Fruit Cereal
  • Multigrain Banana Porridge

Stage Three: 10 months+
This stage introduces crunchy bits for chewing and helping develop your baby’s speech muscles.
There are 3 varieties for your baby to try;

  • My First Muesli
  • My First Banana Muesli.


Contains naturally occurring sugars and sodium. It is recommended to introduce solid food to a baby at about 6 months of age. The introduction of solid food should not happen before 4 months (17 weeks).