Cow & Gate Follow-on milk

As a parent, you know how important your little one’s tummy is to their contentment and at Cow&Gate we’ve been feeding little tummies for over 100 years.

Between 6 and 12 months, your baby goes through a rapid stage of growth and development. Our follow-on milk is nutritionally tailored to keep up with your busy little baby’s growing needs. Cow & Gate follow-on milk provides more of the key nutrients needed to support your baby’s weaning diet, including iron to support normal cognitive development and vitamin D to support normal bone development.

  • Nutritionally tailored for your baby from 6 months
  • Iron- to support normal cognitive development
  • Vitamin D – to support normal bone development

Important notice

Cow & Gate follow-on milk is only for babies over 6 months as part of a mixed diet. It should not be used as a breastmilk substitute before 6 months, so if you wish to use this product before 6 months we advise that you consult your healthcare professional. Cow & Gate follow-on milk should be used on the advice of a doctor, midwife, health visitor, public health nurse, dietitian, pharmacist or other professional responsible for maternal and child care, based on baby’s individual needs.

  1. step1Wash hands and sterilise all utensils according to manufacturers’ instructions
  2. step2Boil 1 Litre of freshly run water. Leave kettle to cool for 30 minutes and no longer. Measure the required amount of water (refer to feeding guide) into a sterilised bottle. Be careful of scalding. Do not use artificially softened or repeatedly boiled water.
  3. step3Using the scoop provided, level off the powder with the built in leveller. Do not press/heap the powder.
  4. step4Add one scoop to every 30ml (1 fl oz.) of boiled cooled water. Never add extra scoops or anything else to your baby’s feed. Cap the bottle/beaker and shake well (for 10 seconds) to dissolve powder. If using a bottle, remove cap and replace with a sterilised teat.
  5. step5Cool under running tap. Check temperature of feed. Feed immediately.
800g EaZypack Our EaZypacks are easy to open and use with one hand. They contain a measuring scoop and a powder leveller inside, providing everything you need in one place.
200ml Bottle No preparation is required with our ready-to-feed milk.
200ml 4 Pack Four 200ml bottles of ready-to-feed milk.
1 Litre Bottle 1 litre bottle of ready-to-feed milk.