Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk 1-2 years

Did you know your toddler’s tummy is the same size as their closed fist?
This means that every single spoonful count when it comes to their nutrition. At Cow & Gate we’ve been feeding tiny tummies for over 100 years, and we’ve put all this expertise into creating our Growing Up Milk.

Our Growing Up Milk has been nutritionally tailored to help with your toddler’s growing needs-and boy are they growing! From ages 1-3 they are still growing at a rate faster than they ever will again, which is why toddlerhood is a critical time for their growth and development.

Irish scientific research shows that Growing Up Milk helps to increase intakes of vitamin D and iron².

Just two beakers** a day of Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk as part of a toddler’s healthy diet provides nearly half of their iron requirements and almost all of their vitamin D requirements and helps support this important period of growth and development.

Vitamin D is important as it supports normal bone development, this will help your toddler reach half their adult height by the age of two!

The added iron helps support normal cognitive development and will go a long way in helping your toddler’s brain grow to 80% it’s adult size by their third birthday.

Cow & Gate growing up milk should be used as part of a balanced diet.
1. IUNA 2012 2. Walton & Flynn, UCC 2013
**2 beakers = 2 x 150ml beakers
FSAI Best Practice for Infant Feeding guidelines recommend using a lidless beaker from 12 months of age.


  1. gum-step1Measure 150ml or 5fl.oz boiled, cooled water into a clean beaker
  2. gum-step2Using the scoop provided, add 5 levelled scoops of powder into the beaker
  3. gum-step3Replace clean lid on beaker. Shake well for 10 seconds to dissolve powder
  4. gum-step4Check temperature and drink immediately.
800g EaZypack Our EaZypacks are easy to open and use with one hand. They contain a measuring scoop and a powder leveller inside, providing everything you need in one place.
200ml Carton No preparation is required with our ready-to-drink milk.
1 Litre Carton 1 litre carton of ready-to-drink milk.