Summer Maternity Wear: The Essentials

We all know how much fun it can be styling your ever growing bump but it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to find the correct balance between cute and comfortable. But being preggers during the summer months can be even more testing- trying to stay fashionable and more importantly keep cool!

Before we jump into the essentials, keep the below in mind:

  • Wear light colours
  • Buy breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen
  • Make sure everything is stretchy! Restrictive clothing will just become uncomfortable as your bump grows!


We’re not talking about the mini variety (although if you have the legs and finding the heat too much-why not) but more so the long flowy gorgeous numbers that flatter your body, curve around your bump and hide those hairy legs that you can’t reach to shave! Maxi dresses are easy to find on every high-street and also available in a multitude of lovely summer colours so don’t be afraid be bold and make a statement.

Active Wear

You may think that wearing tight figure hugging clothes is the last thing you’d like to do while expecting (and during the summer) but honestly, active wear is everywhere right now. So affordable, whether or not you want to go for a name brand or cheap and cheerful, there is something to suit everyone. They are all designed to be stretchy enough for exercise and moving about but also tight enough to hold you in for jumping about which is just a perfect combination for holding everything together, especially if you can’t bear the thought of wearing jeans.

 Long Tops

Not much explaining needed here- they are the best thing since sliced bread.  Long tops are perfect for covering up. You can wear over jeans, a skirt…anything really and the looser the better!

 Non Underwired Bra

Summer is a sweaty business and with those ever growing boobs and bump of yours, it is near impossible to wear an underwired bra with a smile on your face.  It digs into places you never even knew existed! Ditch the wire and invest in a good wireless support bra or sports bra instead. Your girls will thank you in the end!

Flat Shoes

Feet swell during pregnancy, that’s a fact. Feet also swell in Summer. The two combined is disastrous ….BUT aren’t we lucky that most highstreet brands have a wide fit range in almost any store. Sandles, pumps & flipflops!


Whether you are going on your holiers to sunny Spain or to a sandy beach in the Clare or Wexford, you will need swimwear. You’re already either a bikini or a swimsuit gal, so you’ll know which one you want. Be proud and show off your bump and big boobs in a gorgeous bikini or go for the classic look of a fitted Marilyn-esque swimsuit , either way you’ll look fab and mother-earthly. Embrace your beautiful bump!


If you’re a smidge self-conscious at the beach, then one of these will make you feel much better. They will still show off your growing bump but will hide any other (non pregnancy related) lumps and bumps at the same time. Also very handy if your fortnightly bikini wax sessions have gone awry since becoming pregnant!


Happy shopping mama-to-be!