Super foods for toddlers

What’s so super about superfoods?

‘Superfoods’ is a new word used to describe foods with amazing health benefits. However some benefits of these so called ‘superfoods’ can be misleading.

The foods listed below are super, not because they’ll help your little one become the next Einstein, but because they contain nutrients essential for your little one’s growing body.

  • Oats – oats are a great breakfast choice for toddlers as they are a source of fibre. Try serving your little one’s oats hot with berries or soak in milk overnight and serve cold with chopped banana.
  • Beans and lentils – these are good alternatives to meat as sources of protein, important for healthy bones.
  • Salmon – contains omega 3 which supports normal brain development. So try a tasty fish pie or salmon fish cake.
  • Avocado – there are many ways for toddlers to enjoy this creamy, mild-tasting fruit which is rich in healthy fat. Spread it on toast, add it to sandwiches and salads, or blend it into smoothies. And, of course, you can make a flavourful guacamole for dipping chopped veg or pitta bread.
  • Peanut and almond butter- these are sources of protein, iron and zinc. Make sure to read food labels to avoid products with added sugar and buy the smooth variety for children less than 5 years.

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