Baby Swimming Checklist

Let’s face it, just getting out of the house can sometimes be tricky with a new baby! Never mind being on time and remembering everything you need. So for anyone who is worried about turning up late, barely out of their pyjamas, bleary eyed and running on just a few hours sleep, here is the list of what to bring with you to the pool:


  • One parent or grown up – needed to accompany each baby in the pool. Non-swimmers welcome as all activities take place in the shallow part of the pool.
  • One baby. This is a ‘must’. If you forget your baby the lesson isn’t anywhere near as effective!
  • One comfortable swimsuit for the parent / grown up to wear in the pool.
  • Each baby will need a neoprene swim nappy. This is to prevent any spills into the pool that would otherwise result in a speedy pool evacuation and a costly clean!
  • Babies will also need a re-usable or disposable swim nappy to wear under their neoprene swim nappy.
  • A baby wetsuit or body wrap is recommended for baby to wear in the pool. Although the pools used are warm the wetsuit will help to keep babies toasty warm and ensure comfort and enjoyment. Wetsuits also make babies easier to keep hold of, particularly important if your baby wears any kind of barrier cream as this can make their skin slippery and it can feel like trying to keep hold of a wriggly eel!
  • A waterproof change mat to comfortably lay, dry and change your baby on, especially as your little one gets older and can roll, as the safest place to change your baby is on the floor, which is always wet.
  • A pair of adult goggles is needed to participate in underwater activities. We recommend goggles with clear frames as from experience babies and toddlers are more accepting of your ‘new look’! There is never any pressure to go underwater if you really don’t want to, but we always encourage parents and carers to have a go, as it is a magical moment seeing your baby underwater for the first time!
  • A swimming hat for the parent / grown up and a swimming hat for each baby – compulsory in Ireland.
  • A pair of flip-flops is recommended to wear at the poolside and in the changing room areas – its just a bit more hygienic for your feet.
  • Towel(s) – the larger and fluffier the better!
  • A turban towel – this is optional but very useful to eliminate the need to keep a towel on your hair and prevent water dripping all over your baby whilst getting them dried and dressed.
  • Any personal toiletries you may need – baby wipes, nappy creams, shampoo, soap, shower gel, deodorant…
  • A dry day nappy for each baby to change into after the class.
  • A filled water bottle – swimming classes can be thirsty work!
  • A snack and a drink – after all of that good work in the pool babies can be thirsty, hungry and tired and ready for a drink, snack and a sleep! Zzz Zzz Zzz!!


As always, if you have any questions please visit to contact us or for more info.