The importance of weaning

Here we explain the who, what and why of all things weaning!

Who decides when your baby is ready to begin weaning?

Current national guidelines from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland recommend that a baby should be weaned as close to six months as possible and no earlier than seventeen weeks.

What is weaning?

Weaning is the introduction of solid foods into a baby’s diet during the first year of life. Take a look at our article on the common signs that you’re baby is ready for weaning for more information on when to start.

Why is weaning important?

From all of your outgrown baby clothes you can probably guess that babies grow, a lot! What you might not know is that a baby’s birth weight doubles by six months and triples by one year. To support this growth babies need a nutritious diet.
From 6 months of age neither human breast milk nor infant formula milk intake alone are sufficient to meet your baby’s growing needs and the introduction of solid foods to the diet is essential.


For more information and advice on weaning, take a look at our weaning guide or call our free phone careline at 1800 570 570.