The importance of YOU time

Whether you have a baby or a toddler- little one’s are great aren’t they? They’re cute, small, funny, they learn new and exciting things constantly and every day is adventure. Let’s be honest though, that’s sugar coating it, nobody ever mentions how utterly exhausting they can be. They are such quick little things, running around pulling apart your neatly folded ironed pile of clothes, being fussy with their food and in turn decorating your walls with uneaten spaghetti and two minutes later, redecorating another wall with crayon.

These are all memories which we will look back fondly on but when you’re in the moment it can be downright tiring and stressful trying to raise your little one while still dealing with rest of what life brings (don’t you just wish housework would go away and money grew on trees) which is why it is important to make time for yourself.

You are important too

People go on about making time for your partner after you have children which is important too don’t get me wrong but we, as women tend to take on too heavy a load, especially when we become Mothers. For ideas on keeping that spark alive, checkout our How To keep the Romance Alive blog. You were once an independent woman with your very own first name and now you only known as variations of the M word. When you had your baby, you knew that you would not have as much “me time” as you had before but somehow through the blur of it all, you forgot to make time for yourself.  You are not just physically tired when you have a little one to look after but mentally too and it is so important that you look after your mind and make time for you, to be you, to feel like you. You are just as important as anyone else after all.

The house work can wait

Finally, when you get baby to sleep and you look around and see a still messy house, you feel like giving up, just take me out to pasture, I am done. No, you’re not done, you just need a break, a very well earned break might I add. Try your best to stop taking on so much, ask himself for some more help around the house so that you can take the opportunity to sit down and relax. Yes, you are Superwomen- but even super women needs a break too.

Get out & about

If you have cabin fever, get out of the house, it’ll do you the world of good. Whether it be a nice walk in the fresh air, to meet up with friends for coffee, go and get your nails done, there are so many things to do but the main thing is to go somewhere or do something that makes you feel like you again.

Relax & put the feet up

If you are a home bird then sit down and have a cup of tea, read a magazine, put your feet up for once. If you aren’t in the position to have someone mind your little one, then take full advantage of when baby goes asleep, don’t do chores, I repeat, do not do chores!  It can wait, so sit down and look after yourself. Have a bath and wind down, even if it is only for an hour while they nap, you will feel better afterwards. If your baby is bottlefed, encourage Dad to take over the feeds while you relax! Did you know our Follow-On Milk is also available in a Ready-To -Use bottle – no preparation needed!


When you are rested and happy, your baby will pick up on this, as will your nearest and dearest as good vibes are always contagious. I know, we all have our bad days but it doesn’t have to be everyday if we try and make a little time for ourselves. Our Well Done Mum page celebrates all the little wins about being a Mum that amount to so much. You’ve got this!