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      Your toddler’s physical development from 2-3 years


































      Your toddler’s physical development 2-3 years

      Between the ages of 2 and 3, your toddler’s physical development comes on in leaps and bounds – quite literally! Running, hopping and jumping are high on their daily agenda as they become stronger and more coordinated. They also love practicing more sophisticated skills through activities like drawing, making shapes with play-dough and feeding themselves without too much mess. All this amazing development needs extra helpings of nutrients for a healthy brain and body, we have lots of advice to share about getting the balance right for that growing appetite. 

      Keep up, mummy!

      As your toddler becomes more independent, you’ll see more and more of their own little personality shining through. But if there’s one thing that all 2 year olds have in common, it’s the boundless energy that keeps mummies and daddies on their toes from morning until night.

      With their growing strength and coordination, you’ll see them using their bodies in all sorts of ways. Whether it’s jumping, kicking, running, catching, climbing, swinging, sliding or roly-polying, it can sometimes seem like they’re never going to stop. Fortunately for you, they do!

      Some of the physical developments you’re likely to see during this action packed year include:

      • faster running, and changing direction quickly without falling over,
      • jumping and hopping,
      • walking downstairs one foot at a time, without holding your hand or the banister,
      • balancing on low walls,
      • exploring and swinging from climbing frames,
      • using a spoon and a fork fairly well,
      • putting simple jigsaw pieces together,
      • more defined drawings – moving from random scribbles to vague shapes and possibly even their first drawing of you,
      • telling you when they need the toilet,
      • playing happily with others.

      "I can do it!”

      Your toddler’s ever-improving skills give them independence in all kinds of ways that they probably love to practice every day. 

      They may have already started to try dressing themselves – occasionally getting something on the right way round! Perfecting the art of putting on wellies or other boots can make them feel incredibly proud and mean they want to wear them at every opportunity, rain or shine. 

      Brushing their teeth is another activity that toddlers often love to do for themselves – although they’ll still need an extra brush from you for a while yet to make sure their teeth stay properly clean and healthy.

      Extra goodness for active toddlers

      Even though your toddler is growing into a little person, they still need a toddler-specific diet that provides extra helpings of certain nutrients. A wide variety of healthy foods will help them get the goodness they need. 

      Our delicious homemade toddler recipes include some tasty, fresh ideas that toddlers love. And if you ever need any advice or support when it comes to toddler feeding and nutrition, our experts are always happy to answer your call. Just give us a ring.

      Any more questions?

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