Travelling with Baby

Dreaming of sand castles, sun hats, and seashells with your little one?

Your first trip abroad with your baby is an exciting time but it can also be a little overwhelming as it can make travelling seem that little bit more complicated. But with some preparation, everything will run smoothly.


Our top tips:


  • Wear your baby

A sling is a great way to get around the airport as it allows you to have your two hands free. You’ll have your buggy most of the time, yes, but in those couple of minutes to get on and off the plane, two hands would be useful.


  • Plan B supplies

Add an extra change of clothes, nappies, wipes etc. in your hand luggage just in case they lose your bag or you have an emergency pooplosion (this normally only happens when you’re not prepared).

You can bring two pieces of baby luggage plus your own, so don’t be afraid to use it!


  • Little ears

If possible, feed your little one or give them a soother (if they use one) during take-off and landing. The sucking helps to avoid the pressure build-up in their little ears.

Also, let them drink whenever they want during the flight- babies can become dehydrated in the dry cabin air more quickly than adults.


  • Don’t worry about other passengers

With lots of planning & prep, you never really know how your baby will take to flying. The general population will be understanding and supportive of an upset baby, so no need to stress about it.



What to bring:


  • Passport

Your baby will need their own passport. Don’t have one yet? Check out our how to get your baby’s first passport article. We’ve even included some tips for taking your little one’s pic!


  • The baby essentials

Nappies, wipes, your baby’s milk and breast pump/bottles and clothes. Try not to over pack! Remember, there will be shops (in most holiday destinations) if you need to stock up!

If you’re using formula, it’s always best to take it with you but call and check with your brand to see if where you’re going stocks it under a different name, just in case.

Also, it may be worth checking ahead to see if your accommodation has a washing machine, to cut down on clothes. Many hotels and resorts now offer bottle warmers and sterilisers too. If not, sterilising fluid, sterilising bags or tablets may be easier to pack than your steam steriliser.


  • Toys

Choose wisely, and only bring toys they like and you’ll know that will be used so they don’t waste space. Keep one or two new ones especially for the plane for extra-long distraction.


  • Snacks

If your little one is on solids, bring lots of snacks. They not only satisfy a little hungry tummy, but also provide some good distraction too.  (You can bring food and liquid for a baby on board).


Above all, have fun! Holidays are for making memories so enjoy some quality time with your little one and family!