Hitting the weaning wall: Ways to encourage your baby to try new foods

Your baby has now found their favourites and is reluctant to try anything new so you’ve hit the weaning wall! Don’t panic, there are many ways to help get you over the wall and get your baby to try new foods.

1. Try, try and try again.

Your baby may need to be offered a particular food up to 15 times at any stage before they accept it! This is the case when given more bitter tasting foods such as citrus fruits, or vegetables such as broccoli or cabbage. If a food is refused wait 5-7 days before offering that refused food again, but do keep trying.

2. Positive feeding times

Don’t make a song and dance about meal times. Try your best to not get frustrated when your little one refuses meals, it’s best to just remove the food if they continue to refuse it and make positive comments about the food and praise your baby when they do eat it.

3. Mixing foods

Try mixing a new food with a familiar food that you know your baby already likes such as baby rice, potato etc.

4. Making Mealtimes Exciting

Use a ‘new’ plate or spoon that maybe has a cartoon they like on it as this can make meal times more exciting – but don’t do this every time as they will begin to expect treats/rewards

5. Sweet Treats

Babies naturally prefer sweet, high fat foods. Enjoying other more complex flavours is a learned behaviour. Don’t use high fat or sugary foods as a reward as this will then make these foods more desirable.


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